I have three Yuccas just under a metre tall,

quillta1, Mar 11, 7:54am
Anyone want them, they have only been in a few months, so they should come out easily. I live in Ngaruawahia.

lynken37, Mar 12, 12:10am
All I can say is get rid of them fast, any little bit left in the ground grows, as I found out.

cleggyboy, Mar 12, 9:44pm
A guy who cut down some trees for me the other week mentioned Yuccas, he said they were very popular a few years back, now people are cursing them and he is making money removing them.

niffer13, Mar 12, 10:35pm
I agree they were very fashionable a few years back. But a pain to get rid of.

locoloco, Mar 13, 4:15am
Agree, pain being the operative word - those leaves are soooo sharp

owen106, Mar 13, 7:30am
Absolute muck. Last owners loved them, so we are slowly getting of them as we want flowers, birds and bees.

groovie1, Mar 13, 8:47am
Dangerous darn tips, I tried to give mine away, no takers so I dropped them yest with a chainsaw.

mssteptoe, Mar 14, 2:28am
I have what must've been one to begin with but now has several more growing from it. I want to know if I cut those off, can I transplant them and will they grow?

carriedaway74, Mar 14, 6:02am
Yes they will grow. I cut 4 branches from my yucca and planted them, all 4 grew no problem just in ordinary potting mix.

owen106, Mar 6, 4:47pm
They are called pups and grow stupidly easily. I have cut off about a dozen and put them out on the verge. They just disappear as people like free plants.