OK help with some

rusty-bones, Mar 17, 11:28pm
ideas please? I have had a cottagey garden for a while now and it looks good for a while then just does'nt and I am finding it just to hard to do it on a regular basis. I want to change it, thinking just nice size bushes and maybe some roses or all bushes small trees? Any ideas of what to buy.
I was thinking of a Spirea blue and the red. Maybe a Snowball tree.
Full sun, in Auckland clayie soil.

lythande1, Mar 18, 3:20am

rusty-bones, Mar 18, 3:48am
Thanks for that link, what a garden, will read through that later. I love the cottage gardens but they are hard work to keep them looking good. Yes a scruffy mess that is mine now. Am in love with Hydrageas, I have a couple but do they like sun all day? I was thinking of them. My two are in partial shade.

lythande1, Mar 2, 5:19pm
Hydrangeas aren't that fussy. I had some in full sun, never had a problem.