When to pick peaches

rover79, Mar 13, 11:13pm
When is the best time to pick blackboy peaches?
They've grown in size quite a bit in the last week.
Will they be better tasting if left till dropping?

redden39, Mar 13, 11:17pm
We are eating them in Napier now. One of my students has been brining in big bags of them. they are falling on the ground.

lythande1, Mar 14, 12:49am
No. Pick and they ripen anyway

junie2, Mar 14, 2:03am
I like them off the ground, but we've just had friends around who picked two buckets from the tree as they do most years. They reckon they ripen in a day or two. Beautiful peaches this year here in Chch, and lighter in colour than usual.

gaspodetwd, Mar 14, 9:21pm
Huge peaches which are ripe now in Chch. Delicious.

malcovy, Mar 5, 7:42am
My aren't quite ready and if they drop to the ground the chickens would be in heaven. I picked one last week and cut some to eat and it was still a few weeks off being ripe. I would like to try them fully ripened by the tree.