Weird Rhubarb

lemming2, Feb 20, 6:33am
My brother has these rhubarb plants in his new garden: the stems are seriously thick and sturdy, about 16-20 inches long and at least 1 inch or more diameter. But they're entirely green except at the very base. My SiL tried cooking some but it stayed green and tasted a bit bitter.
The plants definitely just look like regular culinary rhubarb, "on steroids".
The previous owner was obviously a keen gardener and fed all his garden extremely well, so we all just assumed that this was just extremely fertilised rhubarb.
Any ideas? It doesn't look in the least like any of the ornamental rhubarb relatives.

maclad, Feb 20, 6:36am
Is it going to seed?

lemming2, Feb 20, 6:39am
Not in the least.

harrislucinda, Feb 20, 7:15am
out of season has gone woody

brigette6, Feb 20, 7:16am
I have green rhubarb in my garden too. its the variety

gilligee, Feb 20, 7:16am
No, this is a larger variety and is always green as is my usual sized variety. It doesn't have to be red.

whitehead., Feb 20, 7:50am
could be that its been short of water . i would cut the plant back strip it and compost it then water till it starts to rain again . next spring water it at least every second day and it will sweeten up

lemming2, Feb 21, 12:10am
He's decided to cut it all down and see what happens next season.
Not short of water: it would have gone to seed if that was the case, and he waters regularly.

imagine4, Feb 21, 10:02pm
different variety mine is green like yours.

firecentaurr, Mar 15, 3:14am
The only things I could think of, that fits the description of ornamental rhubarbs are the Gunneras (2 kinds in the world apparently) and Ornamental Rhubarb Rheum palmatum. Google image the names and see which one matched what you've seen. I wouldn't mind a piece of Rheum myself ;-)

lythande1, Mar 15, 3:22am
Auckland. it's far too hot here for rhubarb, especially at this time of year. it's just not happy. That's why it's so horrible tasting.

lemming2, Mar 5, 6:11pm
Actually we had another go - extra sugar + vanilla . yum!