Thyme to be banned

olwen, Mar 16, 10:34am
I read a statement that common thyme will not be allowed to be sold. Does anyone have more info?


lythande1, Mar 16, 5:14pm
They provide no link to any govt or council legislation.
A lot of herbs could be called weeds. Mint for instance.
Definitely fennel too.

Thyme is not especially invasive that I have seen. it's not too picky but certainly fussier where it grows at my place than the Marjoram is.

pauldw, Mar 16, 6:25pm

Mentions that it is a nuisance in certain areas but doesn't have any sales restriction.

Speaking of weeds there was a radio item on nz tobacco growing yesterday that mentioned con men in the 1800s selling Dock seeds as Tobacco. This apparently gave Dock its headstart.

macandrosie, Mar 16, 6:47pm
Well that's a joke! Have you been to Central Otago? The hills surrounding Alexandra are covered in thyme & when it's flowering there is an amazing heady fragrance in the air, nothing like it! Are they going to come along & spray it all to eradicate it? Or are you talking about a specific variety that is a problem? I believe the thyme in Central Otago is native to the area.

bluefrog2, Mar 16, 8:26pm
*LOL* Yeah, way too late to restrict it's spread all over Central Otago.

And even if all the nurseries stop selling it, it's easy enough to propagate from little baby plants sprouting up around the parent. I'm certainly not going to stop growing it in my garden.

ira78, Mar 16, 8:44pm
Great, I never have enough thyme in the day as it is.

kay141, Mar 16, 8:46pm
It's a marvellous plant. It seems to be the only thing that keeps the neighbourhood cats off my garden.

BTW O/P that link doesn't work. Was it Oderings official page?

budgel, Mar 16, 9:03pm
Its been quite a while since I had a wild thyme!

olwen, Mar 16, 9:58pm

olwen, Mar 16, 10:01pm
I found thyme in this too. Seems like Ecan are a bit worried.

I'd hate to not be allowed it. I use it quite a bit. Must take lots of cuttings.

olwen, Mar 16, 10:01pm
Not native, naturalised.

olwen, Mar 16, 10:06pm

lythande1, Mar 16, 10:57pm
After wading through hundreds of pages: Thymus vulgariswas first introduced into New Zealand as a culinary herb. It has become widespread in the Otago Region, and occurs in the wild at two sites in Canterbury ??

kay141, Mar 17, 12:18am
I think ECan has a lot more to be concerned about than the spread of common thyme. I strongly doubt anything will be done as the destruction of wild plants is well down the list of their priorities unless they are planning to make the land owners responsible for the destruction. I think that would open another can of worms.

thea4, Mar 17, 5:50am
that goes for me also

lythande1, Mar 17, 6:00am
[quote=kay141 It seems to be the only thing that keeps the neighbourhood cats off my garden.
neighbours underfed cat slept in mine for months.
One of mine sleeps in it sometimes.

jbsouthland, Mar 17, 10:13pm
And then they wonder where all the bees are.

buzzy110, Mar 2, 8:52pm
Gone to thyme all of them.