Old PASLODE nail gun batterys-any tricks-

krames, Mar 13, 4:09am
I have been having a clean out in the garage today and found two old paslode batterys that have been sitting for a year or so,went to charge em up and got the green/red light flashing,which usually means it is slow charging before a full charging but if the lights last more than 20 mins then its time to chuck them out.
Question is can you put them in the freezer or something like to bring them right?I remember someone doing this with cordless drill batteries once?

stevo2, Mar 13, 4:28am
I have tried this a few times and never had any joy.

krames, Mar 13, 4:56am
yea ill just bite the pillow and get some new ones 50$ each.

survivalkiwi, Mar 13, 6:04am
After years of using paslode I have decided to have a change and last week I bought a dewalt gasless nail gun. So far so good.
It is a little heavier but the only real negative I have found so far is that you can not stand it up on the ground.

johotech, Mar 13, 7:27am
Had a couple of builders on a job using those Dewalt guns. Many multiple no fires frequently every day. I'll stick with my Paslode thanks.

survivalkiwi, Mar 13, 7:30am
No fires is why I gave up on my paslodes. Time will tell. I have had a terrible run with paslod. Sometimes I wish I had kept my old senco air ones.

stevo2, Mar 13, 7:52am
Had a go with the dewalt. Very quiet (no need for earmuffs) but a bit heavy and bulky to get into tight spots.

skipper42, Mar 6, 11:45am
I changed from the Paslode to the Hilti. well worth the change. Better machine all round. Haven't heard a single good thing about the DeWalt, and the "warrenty". good luck with that