Perennial sweet peas?

gilligee, Mar 9, 12:12am
Hi Thea. Are you around?

thea4, Mar 10, 2:37am
Hi I have put a message on asg for perennial sweet pea, thank you for making contact

rainrain1, Mar 10, 3:20am
I've got one out my window growing in a barrel, it's a pretty mauve colour and grows like a mad thing

gilligee, Mar 10, 9:55am
Had a search but could not see it. Has it been taken down?

thea4, Mar 10, 11:41pm
, that is the old one I am after, does it set seed? if so could you join asksharegive and see my message on there re sweet peas, happy to swap or cover costs

thea4, Mar 11, 2:15am
Hi click on asg searches and it comes up to me request different name only

rainrain1, Mar 11, 9:33pm
It must have come into my garden via something else, possibly from a seed, as I don't remember getting one. I've never known it to seed for me, but it is in a place where it doesn't get much of a chance, but I could probably get a bit of root off it, I will go look right now. I've just cleaned it up and thrown all the seed pods away, what a shame.
I have just looked, and I'm sure I could easily get a piece of root.
Edited to say, I have googled the one you want, but mine is not that light shade of mauve, mine is a deeper colour, more into a pink I suppose you would call it

skyblue17, Mar 12, 4:14am
Are the flowers perfumed rain.?

thea4, Mar 12, 8:38pm
Hi we have a different user name on asg so look for a listing about these please

rainrain1, Mar 12, 9:47pm
I can't remember, have to wait till next year for a sniff now

You can see the colour in this photo above the piece of wood on the glass, and a bit below.
If I train it up onto the rose on the trellis, it kind of climbs, it has huge long arms and legs, It is almost, but not quite, a nuisance

gilligee, Mar 12, 10:05pm
Have noted. Am bogged down with guests for a few days and am behind with all sorts of things. Have some seeds for you.

niffer13, Mar 12, 10:56pm
Hyacinth Bean Vine is a perennial with a dainty mauve purple sweet pea like flower. No perfume. I got mine from Kings Seeds. The pods are a lovely crimson colour & are edible. I have some seed of these. Mine is in flowers now but don't know how to put up a photo. In the kings seed catalogue shows more of the pods than the flowers.

gilligee, Mar 16, 11:30am
Have made contact. Not sure if I have done it correctly but will wait and see.
Intriguing website.

thea4, Dec 12, 11:00pm
Are there any if there are where can I find them?

gilligee, Dec 13, 1:28am
I have a white one but it has no perfume

thea4, Dec 13, 1:45am
Sounds ok to me as I have lost my sense of smell and taste.
Does it set seed if could I buy or swap something I would be delighted.

thea4, Dec 14, 2:33am
hI could you join asksharegive and make contact with me on that please?I have put on a request for the sweet pea on that site

gilligee, Dec 14, 3:33am
What an interesting sight.
I am out of town at present but will look downstairs in my gardening drawer when I get home. Otherwise I will save the seed later in the season.

gilligee, Dec 14, 4:04am
Sorry. I mean site!

thea4, Mar 4, 2:04am
I look forward to hearing from you, have a safe journey home