Haven't got a photo however

impressions, Mar 17, 12:53am
hope this helps. What is it?.

Mauve tulip like flower, a bit smaller than tulip.
Flowering now.
No leaves at the present.

wasgonna, Mar 17, 1:10am
We called them Naked Ladies but are Amaryllis


impressions, Mar 17, 1:12am
No. I have amaryllis.
These are mauve/lilac.

kateley, Mar 17, 1:13am
cold it be an autumn crocus?

impressions, Mar 17, 1:15am
Was wondering that, however it has a huge flower for a crocus. A tad smaller than a tulip.

impressions, Mar 17, 1:24am
Done some research, I think you are right. Thanks.

kateley, Mar 17, 1:57am
I've only got the yellow one, but I love it (I love all bulbs actually, but it's great to have them at this time of year)

maclad, Mar 17, 3:43am
Autumn crocus, all flowers, no leaves. Colchicum

harrislucinda, Mar 17, 3:43am
could be if only a few cm high

kateley, Mar 17, 5:08am
Here's my yellow ones, about 6 inches high and some leaves showing


maclad, Mar 3, 12:50pm
Mine would be 6" to 8" high and are definitely Colchium. They grow far bigger than spring crocus.