Building a bbq. do I use fire-bricks?

Am building a small outdoor bbq - very simple - brick surround, cast-iron plate on top.
Do I have to use firebricks or can any old bricks do!e.g. external house bricks!

agave1, Nov 21, 6:58 pm

Ordinary bricks we have always used. Husband is a brickie so we have had a new one for each house. They are fine

aeromo, Nov 21, 7:27 pm

Yes we have a ordinary brick one made with used bricks, it's perfect.

malcovy, Nov 21, 7:53 pm

I read your first sentence with the voice of Yoda sounding in my head.

ninya, Nov 21, 7:58 pm

Haha oh yes, it was a bit yoda-like. Must have been a zen moment

aeromo, Nov 21, 8:06 pm

that's fantastic, thanks all for your help.

agave1, Nov 21, 8:35 pm

Eventually ordinary bricks crack and crumble.
You can add firebricks to the bit that will have the actual fire on it. and use normal ones for the rest.

lythande1, Nov 22, 7:08 am

I've just started using an old BBQ with a concrete base to the fire. When damp the concrete explodes quite spectacularly until it dries out. I'm still working on the easiest solution.

pauldw, Nov 22, 8:54 am

There are some great BBQ building guides on Youtube, this one is probably the most realistic:!v=OBBFzerJ1Ss

drsr, Nov 22, 11:13 am

Built 2 out of concrete blocks& concrete slabno problemcan actually buy a kitsetblock BBQ

elect70, Nov 22, 5:16 pm

Had one built with cinder blocks. Two blocks which the fire sat on have cracked and one has split and broken, after maybe 10 years of use. I would use fire bricks for the fire place layer and ordinary bricks for the rest.

mark_g, Nov 22, 9:54 pm

i.m i brickie and have also used normal bricks for my bbq's, but came across this thread, and seeings i'm looking at building a new super grill. I've had my current grill in normal brick for 17 yrs now, and its loking a little war torn and the morter joints do take a battering. This time i will do the complete inside in fire brick with a dome, then a chimney flue for the outlet. Then clad it all in natural stone.

rick, Aug 5, 12:45 am